Words from Residents and Families

Testimonials for our Independent and Assisted Living

“Moving to Rockridge was one of the best moves my wife and I have made. This community works because of the excellent caring staff and the closeness of the residents and how they care about each other.”

 – Resident Vincent


“They all do a great job – each and every staff member is caring.”

– Resident anonymous


Testimonials for our Residential Care Neighborhood

“I love it here. I just wished I moved in 10 years earlier.”

– Resident Carol


Testimonials for our Gardens Neighborhood for Memory Support

“I saw my mother last week. She hasn’t looked this good in months. I know this was the reight choice for her. I am in awe of every one of the staff members I’ve met. I thank God every day that a friend pointed me in the direction of Rockridge.”

– Family member Anita    


“We want to express our deep appreciation for the knowledgeable and sympathetic care you gave our husband and Dad during his stay at the Gardens. We don’t know how we would have managed without your help.”

– Family members Kay, Cathy, Cindy, Susan and Tom


“You and the entire administrative team and the wonderful Gardens staff gave to my mom and to us a gift of warmth, caring, compassion and sense of home for her that was priceless. We knew she was cared for and she knew she belonged there, which made her comfortable and allowed her to be happier than she has been in a long time. Your fail-free, compassionate approach that related to each and every resident as an individual and encourages relationships to develop between residents is as close to ideal as I can imagine. We want you to know how much we appreciate the community you have created and how valuable it was for us.”

– Family member Reed